Application requirements

Application requirements

  • System Engineer

    System development (general purpose machine, embedded/control), system development (web/open/mobile), package software/middleware development, control system development, programming etc.

  • Network Engineer

    Network/server design/construction (LAN/WAN/Web), communication infrastructure design/construction (carrier/ISP), network operation/maintenance, design/construction, customized development of business support systems, etc.

  • Development Engineer/Programmer

    Development engineer (programmer), software development, business system development, control system development, programming, etc.

  • Data Scientist

    Data scientist/data analysis, in-house system engineer/information system design, database design, product recommendation system based on AI (machine learning, deep learning), etc.

  • CAD Engineer

    2D/3D CAD design, plant design, product design making full use of 3D technology/control technology, 3D CAD software development, etc.

  • Server engineer

    Server engineer, infrastructure engineer, server design/construction/maintenance/monitoring, network operation/network monitoring, etc.