Frequently asked questions

This section summarizes frequently asked questions about this service.

QWhat are the jobs and positions assigned after joining the company?
AIt depends on the project. After hiring, the assignment will vary according to the customer’s project, so it depends on the project.
QIf I go to Japan, where is the first place I will live?
AIn principle, you will live in a shared house in Kichijoji, Tokyo (Mitaka City, Tokyo). Afterwards, it’s possible to move as you desire.
QIs there technical training?
AWe support the purchase of technical books necessary for technical improvement (1 books per person).
QHow long is one project?
AIt depends on the project, but it is usually more than 6 months per project.
QCan I receive Japanese language training?
AThis will be conducted after arrival in Japan based on your current Japanese skills. Since we only provide support, please keep studying by yourself so that you won’t have troubles with living after you come to Japan.
QOnce I have been hired, when can I come to Japan?
AIt depends on the country you currently reside in and the project, but it usually takes 2-3 months after the hiring decision is made.