Member voices : System Engineer(From Italy)

System Engineer, From Italy

Romano Daniele

Romano Daniele
Romano Daniele
Country of origin
Years in Japan
1 year
Medical software development work
Drawing manga
QWhat made you come to Japan?
AI have been interested in Japanese culture, history, language, and customs since I was a child. Also, my main hobby is drawing manga. Therefore, although I wanted to be a manga artist when I was in high school, the competition was fierce and I decided to abandon that dream.
After going to Tokyo and Hokkaido on a trip in April 2016, I wanted to work in Japan and decided to send my resume to Human Resocia.
QYour impressions after actually coming to Japan and living here
AIt was easy for me to get accustomed to Japanese life and customs.
Japanese people are gentle and safe, I like a variety of foods, I don’t need to drive a car, and I am having a wonderful experience. I am not very busy with work so I can jog or study Japanese or medicine. It is a very good environment.
QWhat you felt most strongly when you tried working in Japan
ACompared to my previous experience, the rules and such in my current Japanese workplace are totally different. I was surprised in the beginning because I had always worked for a company with few employees. I felt the environment here was always silent and very serious, but it is easy to get work done. But my former company felt a bit like a family, and I miss that.
QHow do you feel about other GIT members and what do you think about being a member of this group?
AGIT members are very kind and are special to me. It is also nice to have opportunities to interact with people of various cultures. I am very honored to be a GIT member. I feel that this is a valuable experience in my life.
QA word for those who want to work in Japan
AIf you really feel you want to work here, you should definitely apply.
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