Member voices : Software Engineer(From France)

Software Engineer, From France


Country of origin
Years in Japan
8 months
System development for a major city bank’s overseas location
Road biking, anime, travel, movies
QWhat made you come to Japan?
AI love Japanese culture and wanted to try working here, so I thought about finding a job in Japan.
QYour impressions after actually coming to Japan and living here
AThe staff helps me a lot to make sure I don’t have any problems, so it’s much easier to live here than I imagined. It takes a little time to embrace a new lifestyle, but I have no particular problems.
QWhat you felt most strongly when you tried working in Japan
AI make use of my previous experience and try to speed up my understanding of the software and systems that customers use.
QHow do you feel about other GIT members and what do you think about being a member of this group?
AI think it is a good thing for people with similar backgrounds to get together. We can share our experiences and talk about life in Japan. Also, by joining the other members, you can ask your seniors anything you don’t know, or teach juniors what they don’t understand. The regular monthly meeting is a very good opportunity to get to know new members and Japanese company employees.
QA word for those who want to work in Japan
APlease take on the challenge of coming to Japan! It will surely be a wonderful experience for you.
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