Project track record

We work with many leading Japanese companies, such as major telecommunications operators, electronics manufacturers, package vendors, etc.
In Japan, which has advanced technology projects, we will introduce work to you that takes advantage of your experience.

Examples of assigned projects (results)

Destination Overview
Electronics maker Language analysis engine development
 Technology used : Java, Python, NLP, JSF 2.2, ElasticSearch, Kibana, SQLite, Oracle
Control equipment maker system SI CRM system development and customization for overseas offices
 Technology used : Java EE 7, JSF, Jenkins, JUnit, Elasticsearch, MySQL
Mobile telecommunications carrier Object detection system development using image recognition Technology
 Technology used : Python 3.6, Jupyter Notebook, Ubuntu 18.04, algorithm(YOLO, SSO, FCRNN etc)
Service industry Replacement development of Web attendance system and Web payroll system
 Technology used : PHP (FuelPHP), Java (Spring), Oracle, MySQL, jQuery, MyBatis, AWS
Telecommunications Native camera application development
 Technology used : Android(Java), XML, SQL, C++, Android API 28, Android Monkey
Professional media Data analysis and product demand forecasting using machine learning and AI for major telecommunications carriers and convenience stores
 Technology used : Python, Linux, Shell, SQL, Pandas, Keras, TensorFlow, Numpy, Cython
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