Service introduction

Foreign IT engineer regular employment-type dispatch service
Global IT Talent Service

Hire highly skilled foreign IT engineers with Japanese language skills. We respond to the needs of domestic enterprises.

You can take advantage of excellent foreign IT engineers through the same process as “dispatch.” Ours is a service in which we can “utilize dispatch” of highly skilled overseas IT engineers who are scouted from all over the world and can be employed indefinitely.

We have brought together IT engineers with diverse skills from over 30 countries who are active in Japanese projects where advanced skills are necessary.

Global IT Talent’s strengths


High technical level

IT engineers who are really “talent”

  • We can dispatch IT engineers who majored in IT at top universities around the world and who have presented specialized papers.
  • Many IT engineers have practical experience in IT companies in various countries in addition to their own, and we also have IT engineers who have experience in AI, IoT, big data, image analysis, data analysis, etc.

Fluent Japanese

Communication in Japanese is not a problem.

  • In addition to their native language, Japanese, and English, some employees can even use other languages.
  • After coming to Japan, they learn Japanese corporate culture at on-the-job training and we support smooth adaptation to the dispatched company.
  • We nurture Japanese language ability that emphasizes communication among engineers, primarily “listening” and “speaking,” before dispatch.

Peace of mind

  • In addition to IT technical ability, we thoroughly check personalities during the hiring process. Human Resocia is also responsible for checking their adaptation to Japanese culture.
  • We support living in Japan from immigration procedures and acquisition of status of residence to housing arrangements.
  • As a regular employee of Human Resocia, there is no temporary staffing time limit.

Excellent IT engineers come together from all over the world

Currently active IT engineers come from various countries.

IT engineers from all over the world are active in companies in Japan. We can respond to diversifying domestic demand by arranging excellent talent with various fields of expertise and technical specialties. We will dispatch the best IT engineer talent for your project and needs.

Also, all members possess not only high technical skills but also multilingual ability including Japanese, English, and their native language. As bilingual talent familiar with cross-cultural communication, they will play a part in corporate globalization.



26.5(Youngest: 23 | Oldest: 35)



Male:78% | Female:22%



AI/Big data:24% | Software development:50% | Communications/Network:15% | Embedded/Control systems:11%



Business:9% | Fluent:33% | Daily conversation:34%
 | Only greetings:24%



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