Support system

【Human Resocia’s Peace-of-Mind Support】
We provide various types of support for work, life, and language so that everyone who comes to Japan can work and live in Japan with peace of mind.

Before coming to Japan: procedures for coming to Japan such as immigration procedures, status of residence acquisition, and advance housing arrangements
After coming to Japan: support for daily living including housing (arranging a property contracted by our company) and opening a bank account
After joining our company: support for Japanese language skills (study Japanese with our original curriculum) and training for Japanese corporate customs and business manners unique to Japan, and on-the-job training so that you can work smoothly in a Japanese company
After employment: Even after employment with an assignee company, we carry out regular follow-ups for each person. We firmly back up all of you working at Japanese companies.

Support system

Air ticket support We bear the full cost of air ticket expenses when coming to Japan
Visa application support We will carry out the visa application procedures concerning residency status on your behalf
Relocation expenses When coming to Japan from a foreign country, moving expenses up to 50,000 yen are reimbursed
Housing allowance If you rent a room yourself, you will receive a housing allowance of 25,000 yen/month
Japanese language training Japanese language training tailored to each person is carried out on an as-needed basis
Support for book purchase Purchase of books necessary for technical improvement or training (up to 1 books per person)

Training system

[Orientation/pre-work training]
After joining our company, we carry out the necessary training individually or in small numbers according to your Japanese proficiency and experience.

Business etiquette training We cover greetings, ways of talking, dress code, how to bow, how to exchange business cards, how to handle a coat (timing of taking it off, how to hold it), how to ride an elevator, how to carry out your work, using the telephone, and corporate colors/company rules, etc.
Japanese necessary for business Verbal expressions and written phrases that can be used in business scenarios, such as setting up meetings via email, preparing reports, creating external documents, etc.
Using Excel, Word in a Japanese environment Understand the menus displayed in Japanese Office software necessary for working at a Japanese company and basic methods of operation
Introduction and explanation of IT information system websites Introduction of Japanese websites used by Japanese engineers
Participation in exhibitions/events that match your expertise We have set up opportunities for learning about Japanese technology through your participation in exhibitions and events in new technology fields such as robotics and AI.