Member voices : Application Engineer(From India)

Application Engineer, From India

Karthik Raaj

Karthik Raaj
Karthik Raaj
Country of origin
Years in Japan
4 months
Bridge system engineer work for overseas implementation project
Motorbikes, soccer
QWhat made you come to Japan?
AIn my home country (India), Japanese-made cars such as Toyota and Honda are popular.
First, I would like to learn Japanese advanced technology and about Japanese people’s dedication to work. And I thought of working in Japan because I wanted to know real Japanese culture and improve my Japanese.
QYour impressions after actually coming to Japan and living here
AI thought that I wanted to escape my “reality,” but because I felt Japan was the perfect place for me, I chose to live in Japan. I think that acquiring Japanese language will surely be useful in the future.
QWhat you felt most strongly when you tried working in Japan
AIf there is a problem at work, Japanese people will first resolve it and then study the reasons for the problem. I think that such a manner doesn’t exist in many Western countries. I would like to know various Japanese manners like this.
QHow do you feel about other GIT members and what do you think about being a member of this group?
AGIT members are from various countries and have various skills. I think that I can improve my skills with various technologies by coming together with my GIT colleagues.
QA word for those who want to work in Japan
ACompared to developing countries, Japan is considered to be a country that is economically stable and has lots of jobs. It also has many of the world’s famous major companies, and research and development seems to be thriving, so please come to Japan.